About The Aerialist Chef

Hi, I’m Mara Mari Cristiani, Co-Owner of Center Ring Cakes and also known as The Aerialist Chef,
Im a licensed personal chef and your source for everything cooking and baking related. I am excited to share recipes, tips and techniques and invite you to share your own recipes or ask advice on cooking or baking just about anything.

I want this blog to be interactive, so please feel free to participate in any way, even just to leave a comment. I will be conducting cook-offs and bake-offs with prizes and bragging rights as well as inviting various quests to host the blog now and then.

I will be demonstrating step by step recipes and techniques, such as proper knife skills or what an “emulsion” should look like. I will also give you the “Duchess” version of some recipes using premium, more costly ingredients, and the “peasant” version using easier to find, less expensive but still yummy, ingredients. Sometimes I will offer the “chubby” version, full-fat, and the “skinny” version, less-fat, healthier alternatives to many recipes.

I am counting on all of you to help drive the direction of this blog. I promise to get back to each and everyone of you asking for recipes or advice as soon as possible. Please join me and let’s get cooking!


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